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 22*17.2*1mm Fused Silicon Gaussian  Diffuser

22*17.2*1mm Fused Silicon Gaussian Diffuser

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Product name:Quartz GauseDiffuser

Material:Fused Silicon

Dimension: 22*17.2mm

Dimension tolerance:+/-0.1mm


Thickness tolerance:+/-0.1mm

Bevel:Protective bevel

Half-diffusion angle:Between 2-15degree

Transparency:94%(No AR coating ),>98%(With AR coating)

Prinple:Controlled random reflection using micro-structure on surface

Application:Laser homogenization and speckle reduction

Laser is ideal for display application because of monochrome, small divergence angle and high brightness. However,monochrome causes speckle problem due to interference and laser display needs surface light source 
Traditional methods uses grinded glass for laser homogenization, which suffers from low transparency, rough spot edge and large diffusion angle(usually>30degree).This makes grinded glass only suitable for research rather than production application. We provide quartz diffuser which can solve the above problems: laser homogenization with customer-demanded diffusion angle, sharp spot edge, high transparency, excellent thermal stability for  high power laser application, great improvement for speckle reduction by rotation and displacement.


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